Hooray or Nay

With hopes of a championship run, the Ortega’s attended multiple open practices during training camp this season. After practice, players interact with fans and sign merchandise. This allows us fans to get to know the guys, have an idea of their character and camaraderie amongst the team.

After practice, players get in extra work. From running hills to catching more balls.

On the day we attended, the Quarterbacks decided to do wind sprints as we lined up to interact with players. Once the QB’s started into their sprint, the crowd roared with excitement and joy to find out the guys weren’t headed our way. The QB’s hadn’t came our way during the previous practices but they must have felt our pain because they eventually came our way.

Back up QB Nick Mullens was great and patiently interacted with any and all fans. His play from last season and character demonstrates the draft pick Lynch and Shanny used on him. He’s a starter in this league. Jimmy G, the rock star was swarmed by the fans immediately yet somehow my daughter Emma with help from mama bear got his last signature of the day on her 🧸’s shirt. She was ecstatic.

These experiences sat my daughter on the couch with me on Sundays and my wife to have more interest and passion for the game and that’s what it’s all about. Thank you San Francisco 49ers for opening up training camp again. I was told during camp that Coach Harbaugh put the stop to open practices and I completely agree with Uncle Sherman about the dude in the tan slacks!

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