Super Prediction

What the hell did you expect? The Niners are on their way to their sixth Super Bowl Championship! They have the better overall team with guys who love play smash mouth football. Andy Reid’s flag football isn’t built to last against a brute force.

The Chiefs have competed against defenses ranked in the 20s during their playoff run and they gone learn today. Mahomie Patrick will be upset throughout the game and if there was a prop bet that he wouldn’t flex during the game, I’d take it!

Dee Ford is my bet for Super Bowl MVP. Not only because his odds were ridiculous but he’s playing his old team who hasn’t stopped giving him shit for jumping offsides. To top it off, Frank Clark, who was signed this season also took a shot at Ford during Super week. I’d say Ford is pissed.

Not only is Ford fueled, but he’s healthy. Since he’s been healthy the Niners defense is back to hitting on all cylinders. Ford and Jaquiski Tartt showed how vital they are to the greatness of the defense during their time missed but I knew about Tartt before uncle Sherm notified the world.

Oh, I didn’t forget about Jimmy and his G-unit. Garapollo will showcase how he has a hundred mill in the bank. It’ll be off play-action but that’s how our offense is built and it’s ready to break some hearts and souls. Niner out.

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