This is a blog contribution of some dudes from a small town in California. Some educated, some not. Do we care? No. Will the blogs be perfect? Never. Will they be good? Sometimes.

The “Boyz” in our domain comes from our high school days. It was pretty much what we called our group of guy friends. At anytime, anyone of us could be referred to as boyz. It was how we greeted each other and how we said good bye. It was how we said yes and no to each other, depending on the tone of your voice. It was more of a mind set, than anything else. We are a diverse group of guys, some with kids, some married, some living at home still, and some single and ready to mingle. We all have some common interests, like sports and beer, but other interests can range from Agriculture to Z.J’s. So hopefully you’ll find something you like.

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