Ashanti: My Fair Lady

"That Ashanti concert was lit", the security guard at the beer garden exclaimed to us while waiting in line to get a drink. And I couldn't agree with him any more (except that I would've added 'af' at the end of his statement). The Tulare County Fair was back this week and it was celebrating... Continue Reading →

Smash Mouth Are No All Stars

You know what I'm excited for??? Not an 80's cover band covering as Smash Mouth. Smash Mouth played to a decent sized crowd at the Tulare County Fair Sunday evening. Tickets were free with admission to the fair. To say that the event was a smash would be a wrong statement. Periodically the lead singer,... Continue Reading →

The Tulare County Fair is back!

You know what I'm excited for??? .... the fucking fair!That's at least what I said throughout my teenage years. The Tulare Fair always comes at the dead end of the summer and with it brings gang fights and allergies. I compiled a list of my top 10 favorite things about the Tulare County Fair: 10.... Continue Reading →

Review: 311 // Mosaic 

  311 has been putting out studio albums consistently for 24 years now. This formula usually doesn't work out for bands and while groups like Ko(backwards R)n and others who have tried to keep pace, have lost and gained back members and havn't improved on the quality of their music quite like 311 has.    In their latest... Continue Reading →

Review: 47 Meters Down

Summer is for BBQ's, day drinking, swimming, and shark movies.  If you've ever met me (if not, consider yourself lucky) you'd know my all time favorite movies are JAWS and Jurassic Park.  I consider myself kind of a connoisseur of shark and dinosaur movies.  I remember last year around this time I was anticipating this movie... Continue Reading →

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