Chaos Cam

Cameron Jordan is a favorite NFL player of mine and a classy cat but he is a key player for the Saints defense and the Niners must have a helmet or two on him throughout the game for a Niners W.

My family had the chance to meet Cam at Kendricks Kamp in Fresno, CA. Where we also had the opportunity to meet Mychal and Eric Kendricks (Seahawks & Vikings) who put on an annual free football camp which is our favorite in CA because of the work being done and the positivity.

The 49ers have a must win at the NO Saints today and it’s going to be a barn burner. The teams mirror each other on both sides of the football and it’ll come down to key plays from key players to get a dub and each team is targeting players to avoid that from happening.

The Saints will probably be keying in on rookie phenom Nick Bosa but I’d bet the Niners are keeping their eye on seasoned Vet Cam Jordan. Jordan is one of the most durable D-ends in the league and has a tremendous motor.

Mike McGlinchy is up for the challenge and I’m pumped for the start of the game. Let’s go Niners!

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