Uncle Sherman is the leader of the pack

Richard Sherman is back in headlines talking shit and warning the league of the Niners arrival as a contender.

Stanford grad Sherman decided to join the Niners after the legion of boom dismantled in Seattle after Pete Carrol decided to throw the ball at the half yard mark with beast mode in the backfield. Sherman, the intelligent and football savvy veteran understood which team gave him his best shot at another championship. After a rebuilding year for Sherman and the Niners, the team is right where we all expected.

The @49ers go down to Los Angles to whoop on the anemic Rams offense and a weaker defense compared to last season but will be crowned kings of the west and the best in the NFC after a victory without key injured players.

Hopefully teams and naysayers continue to doubt Sherman’s stingy defense and a talented offense lead by the best player caller in the biz but the masses should see the Niners coming after a big win in L.A.

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