Michael Irving was recently on ESPN’s First Take suggesting the Dallas Cowboys should pay running back Ezekiel Elliott before the start of the 2019 season with 2 years remaining on his old deal. I couldn’t agree more.

Zeke has brought me the fantasy gold multiple times therefore he deserves to have a feathered pen in had getting ready to sign a new contract worth millions.

The MVP of the Cowboys offense is regularly debated but stats prove when Zeke is on the field, the team is better. I agree with the opinion that Dak is an average throwing QB but has the ability to run which poses a significant threat. A comparable duo would be Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore. Kaep passing game wasn’t strong but behind a strong running game and a creative offense, they were a tough matchup.

Zeke is a relentless runner of the football and imposes his will on opposing defenses. Catches the ball outta the backfield and is a great blocker. I’m a believer of getting paid for usage and what you can bring to the table. Which is why I couldn’t be mad at L. Bell for holding out and wrecking my fantasy season.

The Cowboys have a great team and windows close quick in the NFL so pay the man and get ready for what it seems to be an interesting NFL season!

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