49ers Training Camp 2019

Opening day of training camp for the San Francisco 49ers lived up to expectation with the energy and excitement shared amongst players and the fans. Rookie offensive lineman Justin Skule was in charge of the hype train for the start of the Niners 2019 training camp and he tried his best. Skule went to the worm for his signature move and didn’t disappoint but he follows a historic, trendsetting performance by second-year standout OT Mike McGlinchey and that’s tough to follow. On the other hand, the hype was real. The faithful shouldn’t need much hype to understand the time has come for contention around the league for the 49ers. A healthy, revamped roster is set to move some waves this season.

Jimmy Garoppolo Trent Taylor, Richard Sherman, and Jason Verrett were standouts during practice, a good sign after coming back from significant injuries. Sherman and Verrett were making good use of time by getting in extra reps when they could while Garoppolo and Taylor’s chemistry seemed as if they never skipped a beat. Looking good, Billy Ray!

Nick Bosa and Dee Ford are big ol bad asses. They have an aura about them which signals their greatness on the field. Some dudes have the “it” factor and it’s bleeding through with these guys. Solid traits from our newest editions.

The start of camp is exciting for all parties but dudes are putting in the work to be successful and you can see the focus across the roster and coaching staff.

Go Niners.

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