QB gold late in fantasy drafts

Take a look at the safest QBs available late in fantasy football drafts.

Alex Smith- Smith isn’t a flashy pick but he protects the ball and can provide 10-15 points per week. He could have a few big games vs favorable opponents and he does have the better Gruden coaching him up. Sorry D. Carr.

Philip Rivers- Rivers has been undervalued in draft rooms for years but he continues to find success in a beat up LA Chargers locker room. The Chargers have a talented roster with playmakers on offense. Rivers is a steal in the later rounds.

Andrew Luck- Luck is coming back from a serious shoulder injury so the chance of stealing Luck in the later rounds of your draft is great. He’s looked good at training camp and the preseason thus far so keep an eye on him if you have an upcoming draft.

Ben Roethlisberger- Roethlisberger is a savvy veteran surrounded by explosive playmakers. He’s always found in the later rounds of drafts and has a high ceiling for potential.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Garoppolo is a rising star in the NFL and this is the last season you’ll be able to draft him with a bargain pick. Under his second year in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, Garoppolo is primed to be a fantasy stud.

These guys have showed consistency over the past few years in fantasy football and you’ll be able to stock up on skilled positions without lacking points in the QB spot.

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