Comic Con Trailers

Comic Con 2017 came and went this weekend in San Diego and with it came these new tv and movie trailers. Here are some notable ones:

Stranger Things (season 2)                             October 27, 2017    Netflix       

Can’t wait.                                         

Westworld (season 2)                                       2018    HBO

Season 1 ended with a bang and looks like season 2 picks up where we last left off. 

The Walking Dead (season 8)                          October 22, 2017    Amc 

Hopefully Negan kills everyone this season and Michonne and Rick live on as love-struck zombies in another pointless spin off. 

Gotham (season 4)                                             September 28, 2017    Fox

One of the only watchable shows on the Fox network besides Family Feud, Steve Harvey Show, and reruns of Paid Programming.

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1                        May 4, 2018    Marvel 

They had me at the Guardians of the Galaxy meeting Thor. Looking forward to their interactions with Tony Stark and Spider-Man. 

Justice League                                                       November 17, 2017    DC

Batman V Superman was an awful excuse to rush a cinematic universe, but the new Justice League movie looks pretty cool. And more of Wonder Woman please!

Thor Ragnarok                                                   November 3, 2017    Marvel 

Buddy space film with Thor and the Hulk, while featuring Jeff Goldblum as the flamboyant Grand Master and directed by Taika Waititi…Sign. Me. Up. 

Ready Player One                                               March 30, 2017    WB 

Steven Spielberg’s new movie that features lots of nostalgia easter eggs in the trailer. Didn’t see the Jaws shark or JP t-rex but I’m holding my breath.

The Shape of Water                                          December 8, 2017    Fox Searchlight

The new (unexpected) movie from Guillermo Del Toro that features a Creature From the Black Lagoon type monster is now my most anticipated movie of the year. 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle                        September 22, 2017 20th Century Fox

The first movie was fun. This one looks like more fun. Point is watch the first one if you havnt seen it yet. 

Jigsaw                                                                    October 27, 2017    Lionsgate 

Death, taxes, and another Saw movie during halloween season. 

Bright                                                                    December 22, 2017    Netflix

Will Smith works side by side with an orc as cops as they take on evil fairies. Premise sounds awful. Trailer looks cool.

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