Artist Of The Week……..Logic

logic jp

In this Artist Of The Week, we’re talking about the rapper Logic.  I’ve recently become aware of this artist and I must say, this guy has some jams.  Logic is a rapper from Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Born Sir Robert Bryson Hall, he later changed his stage name to Psychological in 2009.  After opening for acts like Ludacris, Redman, Method Man and Pitbull, he finally shortened it to Logic.

Logic is a unique rapper.  Unlike most rappers, he finds inspiration from artist Frank Sinatra.  Logic also says that he claims to of became interested in rap and hip hop after watching Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Volume 1.  RZA of Wu-Tang Clan did the score for that movie.  What really makes Logic unique in the rap industry is that he is the product of a black man and white woman.  Although, from a distance, he looks like another skinny white guy.  In multiple songs he talks about the struggles of his life.  Not just the racial issues, but growing up in a sketchy neighborhood where he watched his brothers produce and deal drugs, his sister sell her body, and his parents struggle with cocaine addiction.  He himself dabbled in mischief and claims to have been a huge pothead as well.  At 13, he met Solomon Taylor, who became his mentor.  Taylor introduced Logic to a lot of different artists and gave him instrumental CDs that he could write lyrics to.  That’s when his career started to take off.  So lets check out some of his songs.

This first song is called “Everybody” from the album Everybody (2017).  Being biracial, he has experienced racism from both sides and in this song he’s basically saying that we’re all people and we all get treated fucked up sometimes.

The next song is called “Super Mario World” from the mix tape Bobby Tarantino (2016).  This song shows the fun/nerdy side of Logic.  Originally titled Jurassic Park, he changed the song production and name after they decided to stream the new song and video.

One of the things I like about Logic is that he doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t.  He’s a bit nerdy and doesn’t let the rap industry dictate his personality.  He enjoys reading and video games. Not very hip hop according to some people (trolls).

Under Pressure” from the album Under Pressure (2014) is the next song on the list.  Because of Logic’s love for video games, the music video was inspired by first person shooters with a little Tarantino twist at the beginning.  This mini movie is 6+ minutes, but is pretty damn cool for a music video.  If you notice in the beginning of the video, the camera pans to the waitress’ name tag. Her name is Nikki, which is the name of another song from that same album.  “Nikki” is about Logic’s nicotine addiction.  Although he was able to kick his drinking/weed habit, he struggled to let the cancer sticks go.  Maybe it’ll give some inspiration to those of you trying to kick the habit.  Maybe not.

I’ll end with the song that introduced me to Logic.  I was at work one day, listening to a “Summer Party” playlist on Spotify when the song “1-800-273-8255,” off the album Everybody (2017), came on.  By the time the song was over, I was literally wiping tears from my eyes.  The song name is the phone number to the Suicide Prevention Hotline.  The song is written as if someone is calling the hotline and talking to a responder.  I don’t want to get super sensitive or anything, but everyone at some point in their life has been depressed and can relate to this song.  Whether or not you’ve had suicidal thoughts is another question, but plenty of people have been down that road. With the latest news of frontmen Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell committing suicide, it shows that no matter how much money, or how famous you are, depression or other mental illnesses can affect anyone.  This song displays three different points of view in dealing with suicide: wanting to die, not wanting someone to die, and wanting to live.  I love that he chose to write a song about this because its something people don’t like to talk about, but at some point usually have to deal with it in one way or another.  Everyone expects life to be happy and positive all the time, but sometimes life is dark and depressing.  So if we never talk about it, how will we ever know how to deal with someone that’s depressed or suicidal.  FYI, I don’t think this song should be on Spotify’s “Summer Party” playlist.

Ok, I can’t leave off on that sad note, so here’s one more jam from Logic to lift the mood. “Ballin” from his 4th mix tape, Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever (2013), is one of those Vegas songs.  I envision this song coming on as I’m walking out of ARIA, dressed like a boss on the way to XS.  When in reality, this song is playing on my iPhone as I walk out of my room at the Golden Nugget on my way to a $5 dollar craps table–play the hards.  Either way, this one will leave you feeling like you’re ballin.

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