TP Only Rolls….One Way

If you know me, then you probably know, one of my pet peeves is when people don’t put the toilet paper roll on the correct way. It only goes on one way. The TP should cascaded downward from the front, like a smooth waterfall. The fact that anyone could prefer the other way boggles my mind. If the TP is rolling down the back and you try the rip technique, then for sure, half of that roll is coming down. If it’s cascading from the front, then it’s coming right off. Test it. Obviously if your TP game is weak and you use 1 ply, then it’ll rip off if you just look at it.

That leads into another pet peeve of mine. 1 ply toilet paper. 1 ply should be illegal. Don’t people care about their asses. I expect to find it at hotels and businesses because people love to steal, but at houses. No bueno. Be cheap about everything else but take care of your bum.

If you do prefer it to go down the backside, then please comment and let the world know why.

Just looking at this……

……..makes my ass raw.

3 thoughts on “TP Only Rolls….One Way

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  1. I agree it should go down the front *but* I have cats and if I don’t put it the other way…. I come home to an entire roll of toilet paper everywhere 😂


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