Life Without Sports

This time of year has to be the most boring. No football, Hockey or Basketball. “You forgot baseball!” – says the annoying baseball fan. No I didn’t. Baseball is to long and sucks ass UNTIL playoffs.  So how else will I fill my days after work. Maybe start watching a terrible reality show. Or maybe a new Netflix binge is in order. I guess I should be happy that I’m getting SOME sports on the weekends. There’s golf, soccer……….ok thats it, unless you want to watch the NBA summer league. Me personally, I’d rather watch my Panthers lose both Super Bowls over and over. Because of this break from good sports, I’ve developed a liking for Nascar. Yes Nascar. The new Stage system makes it way more appealing. Do you see what this is doing to me. I’m talking Nascar. Maybe I’ll take up a hobby like building rockets, or model cars. Maybe some botany. Or do what most guys do, just start drinking after work. Wife should love that. For now, I’ll just attempt to try out this blogging whatnot. Come back football, I miss you.

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